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Static Prisons Season 2

Join us as we celebrate the release of our second season of Prisons! We are giving away over $300 worth of prizes to the top players! We have been working super hard on this over the past few months for your enjoyment! Check out our custom enchants such as Jack Hammer, Multi-Directional, Tokenator, Ore Splitter, and more!

Here are some of the features that this season brings:
    • Brand new spawn
    • 14 Different enchants
    • Over $300 worth of payouts
    • 47 Public mines
    • New mine builds
    • MCBE & MCJE Cross-play support
    • Complete rework of the back-end


Vote, Vote, Vote!!!

One of the best ways to support our server is by voting. You can vote seven times every 24 hours, the best part is, you get a free crate key every time that you vote for the server! Click on one of the buttons below to start voting!


What Is Static Studios?

Right now we are most popular for our current Minecraft server. We currently offer a Prisons server but have huge plans for the future. We plan to tack on additional servers such as Skyblock, Kit PvP, Gen, and maybe even Factions!

Where did Static Studios come from?

That's a great question! Static Studios used to be known as Static Network before we rebranded. Whilst we were under the name Static Network, we made Minecraft Realms on MCBE. (Console Edition) We wanted to bring a server-like experience to people on Xbox. While a lot of people would've said we were successful, we ran into loads of complications along the way. A lot of the problems were out of our control and Microsoft was the only one who could fix them. Sadly, they ignored us and anyone else who tried to bring it to their attention.

Why did we move to servers?

As mentioned above, we ran into a lot of problems that were out of our control. This is what ultimately caused us to realize how limited we were by not using Servers. With this move, we are still prioritizing allowing Xbox & PS4/PS5 users to play. We allow people to play on Java and/or whatever MCBE platform they play on. Join our discord for more information on how to join on MCBE.